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The Mind-Blowing Experience that

Creates Lasting Loyalty & Workplace Success

Retain.  Innovate.  Connect.


I  harness the power of mind-reading to amaze and inspire your teams to activate their own unique abilities to build warm, authentic connections that rekindle engagement and deliver results! People stay and innovate when they connect.

Help me help you take on declining employee engagement as teams struggle to connect with each other, their organizations, and their sense of purpose.

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Mind Reader

Sean's mind reading is unbelievable. While the mentalism entertains, his depth in content creates change.

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This keynote experience that brings tears of laughter and easy to implement connection skills!

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Bring high-energy, awe-inspiring entertainment for your event!

"Believe me he'll make whatever it is you need, more than you thought it could be! I was blown away!"

- Drew Y., E-Learning Brothers

No more quiet quitting. No more burn out. No more rage applying.


Yesterday's leadership development approach doesn't prepare leaders for the future of work. What is that future? Employees expecting more from their employers and leaders. They need to feel known, cared for, inspired, and challenged.

When they do they stay, they contribute, and your organization thrives!

I teach you how to retain your people in a revolving door workforce. I will show your leaders and managers how inspire employees to avoid quiet quitting, employee burnout, and rage applying. And I'll make the experience so memorable, you'll never forget these invaluable tools, creating lasting loyalty and workplace success starting now.



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Hours on Stage
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Audience Members

A consummate entertainer, Sean Bott masterfully juggles laughter, research-based information, and mind-blowing mentalist abilities that will leave your audience smiling and armed to make new and deeper connections. 

Don't Take My Word For It

Jeannette's testimonial about Sean Bott

"Working with Sean Bott is amazing... His presentation ends up being what people talk about even years later."


Jeri's testimonial about Sean Bott

"We wanted somebody who was going to be energetic, inspirational, and foster cohesion of our culture. Sean did all of those!"


Emily's testimonial about Sean Bott

"We booked him for all five events for our company. His message is so impactful! He's so entertaining and wonderful to work with."


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Customization Is Key

Every organization is different. My message addresses common pain points (how do I attract and keep great talent?), and catered to your unique brand. 



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When people want to stay, they want to create. 

When they create, they are successful.

When your people are successful, your business will thrive!

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