Corporate Training

Speaker, Entertainer & Mind-Reader

Corporate Training By an Entertainer and Mind-Reader

Not Just Another Boring Meeting

Sean Bott, mentalist and entertainer won't just guarantee an incredible memory for your next conference, he’ll make it an unforgettable experience! He offers corporate training for businesses, associations and groups. He has spent the last 25 years studying human behavior and mental health which uniquely equips him to bring the best tools sets for your people. His presentation is hilarious, shocking, and heartfelt. Even more than that, his training includes in-depth, practical takeaways, and immediately applicable tool sets that are simple and results-driven. By applying these tool sets, your people will sustain and create meaningful relationships both at the office and in their personal lives.

What would you do if I told you, that cultivating connection, personal development, and emotional intelligence are just as vital to your team's longevity as all the cash and benefit perks?

"If you're thinking about booking an entertainer guaranteed to make your evening a massive success, your search is over!"
- Peter P. 

"Because of Sean's breakout session, I went home and told my significant other I loved him; something I don't say enough."

- Emily G., Piedmont Triad Insurance Agency

Conference Learning Was Never So Fun!

Sean Bott Customizes His Message To Build Your People

Did you know that employees don't leave companies? They leave management.

What would you do if I suggested that intangibles such as connection, personal development, and emotional intelligence are just as vital to your team's longevity as all the cash and benefit perks?

" It's the kind of experience that leaves you laughing and shaking your head and trying to figure out how in the world he pulls these things off. The word that stands out is memorable. You remember seeing things that you can't explain."

- Drew Y

Who are you going to hire for your corporate training?

You have one shot during your next corporate retreat or conference to drive home the message that each individual is valuable and that we are stronger as a team.

Who you bring in must deliver a message that is memorable, actionable, dare I say, entertaining as well as effective? And would it hurt if that person offered just enough hope and change to create lasting results for your organization? Nope, it wouldn’t. So what are you waiting for?


Hi, my name is Sean Bott and I am your guy.

What's my plan? I want to know as much about your team as possible. You show me your culture, hurts, products and strength, and I will take my message and make it as impactful for your people as possible. I speak to your organization from stage because I know them before I get there.

My training is designed so that your people will walk away with skills that they will use immediately to improve their relationships with themselves, their coworkers and their clients. The training is an epic ride filled with laughter, unbelievable moments of surprise and practical application for growth.