Connect for Keeps

Attract, Keep, & Build Thriving Talent, Teams & Organizations

By blending my 15 years experience as a professional comedy mind reader, and a decades long obsession with the psychology of human connection, I will help you stop employees from clocking out before they even clock in.

Don't Take My Word For It

Jeannette's testimonial about Sean Bott

"Working with Sean Bott is amazing... His presentation ends up being what people talk about even years later."


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"We wanted somebody who was going to be energetic, inspirational, and foster cohesion of our culture. Sean did all of those!"


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"We booked him for all five events for our company. His message is so impactful! He's so entertaining and wonderful to work with."


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“Believe me, he’ll make whatever it is you need more than you thought it could be! Our guests were blown away by his message, his humor, and his mind reading!”

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Connect for Keeps

Attract, keep, and build thriving talent, teams, & organizations.

People don't leave companies, they leave management (and really bad jokes). Often people trudge along in jobs where they feel unseen, and where their best efforts go unrecognized. They feel invisible. Then they leave. The tools in my signature keynote, clinically proven through various therapeutic modalities and self-compassion research, will teach your people how to make others feel understood, connected, and valued. People stay, contribute, and thrive where they are seen. Layer on truly memorable mind-reading moments and a few solid dad jokes, and this keynote will be the signature event your people refer to again and again.

Sean Bott on stage giving a keynote speech

Audience Takeaways Include:

  • Three easy tools that build lasting relationships in team and client culture
  • Combat employee erosion, quiet quitting, and rage applying 
  • Build empathy muscles for transformational leadership in a diverse workforce 
  • Inspire employee discretionary effort; from meets expectations, to exceeds expectations
  • Laughy tears, because it doesn’t hurt (it actually helps!)

Ideal Audience: CEO's, franchise owners, business owners, leaders at any level, boards and associations, people in HR or talent development roles. Also appropriate for meeting planners and showcases.

Survive to Thrive

Solve negative company culture, employee burnout, and uncertainty by empowering leaders with resilience, energy and creative solutions that pivot companies from Survive to Thrive! The tools I teach in Survive to Thrive, tackle head-on the under-current of employee erosion that affects company productivity, successful change management, and quiet quitting. From entry level to C-suite leadership, I will empower every level of your organization with effective tools to navigate an ever-changing world. Through research supported skills, your people will worry more effectively, and learn to thrive in uncertainty. As a people-expert and dead ringer for Jack Black(ish?), I will deliver these powerful tools with warmth, laughter, and wonder. 

Audience Takeaways Include:

  • Prevent Burnout and increase Loyalty, Productivity, and Innovation
  • Change the focus from Problems to Possibilities
  • Learn simple, effective Descalation Tools
  • Transform "change anxiety" and uncertainty to Solutions and Resilience
  • Hey, everything is going to be okay. 
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