Virtual Speaker and
Mind Reader

Entertain, Boost Morale, Inspire & Connect


Shared experience is part of what binds companies together.

Mind Reading Moments

This presentation captures your attendees awe as we experience crazy cool mind reading moments. I promise, your jaw will drop and you'll wonder how it's possible.

Improv Comedy

The show isn't pre-canned with written beats. The laughter is spontaneous, and customized on the fly. Each show is as new and original as the people I get to interact with.

Empathy, Connection, Self-Care

Tools taught provide an instant social and emotional ROI for your team.  Create connection, experience empathy & prioritize self-care for long term success.

The Virtual Mind Reading Experience

Are you looking to create impactful memorable moments with your online conference or event?

Search no further because you have found the solution to cultivating authentic, real engagement within the digital realm. As a mentalist Sean Bott can read minds, entertain, and inspire at your next virtual event! Be prepared for crazy, mind-blowing reactions that are simply not part of your everyday virtual experience.

Pivoting months of event planning to a virtual format is a massive challenge not to mention channeling the same enthusiasm in a virtual space you once had LIVE. Sean brings that LIVE energy and excitement back to your events, inspiring and reinvigorating your people burnt out by “Zoom” fatigue. Or let’s be honest, life fatigue.

Sean Bott Virtual Entertainment Demo Reel

“Sean Bott in one word is “Unbelievable”.  He’s hilarious, yet brilliant at the same time.  I highly recommend not only booking Sean, but also being a part of the experience.”

Justin G, Tarleton

"I have to say, I was blown away. It's the kind of experience that leaves you laughing and shaking your head and trying to figure out how in the world he pulls these things off. The word that stands out is memorable. You remember seeing things that you can't explain."

- Drew Y.

Sean Bott, headshot, walking

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